Test yourself

PCL-5 is a 20 question self-report that assesses symptoms that typically arise after a traumatic event.

PCL-5 is a test developed by staff at Veterans Affairs, National Center for PTSD (USA).

The test can be completed in approximately 5-10 minutes.


PCL-5 is a reliable tool to monitor your level of symptoms over time.

Symptom severity score

Your score in the test is a sum of your answers


A total symptom severity score is obtained by summing your score for each of the 20 questions.

Your options for answers for each question are:

Not at all = 0
A little bit = 1
Moderately = 2
Quite a bit = 3
Extremely = 4

Therefore, the maximum score in the test is 20*4 = 80.

We measure the drop in your symptoms

I expect a "reliable" change after the very first session

When PCL-5 is used to measure the effect of a treatment, the official interpretation is::
a 5-10 point drop in the symptom severity score represents a
reliable change
(i.e., change not due to chance).
a 10-20 point drop in the symptom severity score represents a
 clinically significant change.
I expect a reliable change as a result of our first session and a clinically significant change in a short course of treatment with tapping.

Before you take the test:

Remember: It is only a test

The result of the test is not a diagnosis, only an indication of the extent of your symptoms.

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Jens Møller
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