Tapping rocks!

Simple. Effective. clinically documented.

Do you find it difficult to overcome your stress?

Tapping reduces your stress symptoms in the first session.

Are you struggling with symptoms from a traumatic experience?

Tapping reduces your symptoms in the first session.

Tapping is effective both in person and online.


Does it sound a little too good to be true?

Believe me, these are indisputable facts. Backed up by years of experience and many clinical trials.


What is tapping?

A complementary treatment

Tapping is a complementary treatment of emotional stress and physical pain.

More than 100 clinical trials have shown that tapping is very effective in treating a wide range of challenges.

But in one area, tapping completely stands out:

Tapping is unsurpassed in reducing symptoms from a very stressful experience.

So unsurpassed that this website is dedicated to this topic.

The basics of tapping

We tap on meridian points

With our fingertips, we tap gently on a few points on the body.

We tap on a few meridian points, known from traditional Chinese medicine.

All the while you focus on what you want to change or let go of.

When you focus on and can feel what you want to change, and we tap at the meridian points at the same time,  that is when we create a big difference.

Backed up by facts

+100 clinical trials

The most commmon form of  tapping is Emotional Freedom Techniques or



EFT has been subject to more than

100 clinical trials.


Meta-analyses have summarized the research on EFT. It shows a detectable effect in the treatment of








Most people, who have never heard of or tried tapping, do not believe in this effect at all.

Why? Because beliefs do not listen to facts.

Challenge your beliefs. Read about the studies. Read the facts.

Or try tapping.

Where is tapping particularly outstanding?

To reduce symptoms related to a very stressful event

Where is tapping particularly outstanding?

After 15 years of experience with tapping, I have no doubt:

Tapping is particularly outstanding in reducing symptoms from a very stressful experience.

Under the right conditions, we reduce the symptoms of your experience in a very short time.


What is important to create a change?

The result depends on your motivation and the perfect "wave"

If you want to work on a very stresssful experience, then your motivation is important for the outcome of our work.

You need to be able to see yourself back in a life without symptoms.

You need to be ready to look inward.

You need to be able to feel what you want to change.

I have the experience to get you safely in the right direction.

But I’m just the wave.

You’re the surfer.

Tapping will reduce your symptoms

How much?

We measure your symptoms

A good indication of the quality of a tapping session is your symptoms.

So we simply measure your symptom level before and after our work.

Have you had a very stressful event, and are now struggling with a number of symptoms?

Symptoms you did not have before the experience?

Know your level of symptoms. Take a test


What can you expect from your first session?

I expect a noticeable, measurable result

Are you very motivated and have a great desire to overcome your stressful experience, then my goal is:


You will feel an improvement after the first session.


Your symptoms will decrease after the first session.


Tapping sessions

Sessions in Odense and online

If you are interested in a session, I prefer that we meet, that you visit me in Odense (Denmark).


But for many, this is not an option. Then we can work online.


My experience is that both ways of working give very good results.


 Meeting up in Odense, as well as online.


Are you veteran or military personnel?

Check out: stresssolution.org

The people behind stresssolution.org have so far helped +20,000 veterans, mostly with EFT.



All countries, all ages, all military status are invited to try EFT (tapping) for free on their website:

Is it new to help veterans with tapping (EFT)?

Not at all! Watch this short video, back from 2008:


"We have already tyried tapping"

Read a few of the feedback I’ve received from people who have tried sessions, based on tapping.

Tapping rocks - Try

What is your challenge?


Tapping is very effective in reducing stress. First we work with experiences or challenges of recent date, but "old stuff" will quickly ask for help. Tapping can help you regain your energy very quickly.

Traumatic experience

Tapping will often create remarkable results in a short period of time. You will be able to feel a difference after the first session.

Exam anxiety

With a few tapping sessions, you will feel more resourceful and be better mentally prepared for your next test or exam.

Fear of flying

With one or two sessions, we get you up and flying again. Other phobias? Ask me.

Chronic/physical pain

If you believe your body is a messenger, telling you something, then tapping can most likely reduce your pain.


Have you tried "everything" without achieving the desired result? What is your challenge? Maybe tapping can help.

Tapping rocks.

Send me your question and I will return to you.

Jens Møller
Odense, Denmark

Jens Møller
Odense, Denmark

Email: jens (at) innweard.com

Phone: +45 5353 4228 (leave a message)

About Jens

I am danish and live in Odense (Denmark).

I offer sessions in danish, english and spanish, mostly in the weekends.

Among my certificatiosn are:

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer.

I am a certified EFT Facilitator.

I am trained in Matrix Reimprinting (an advanced tapping technique).

My work is inspired from Erickson hypnosis workshops, med Jeffrey K. Zeig, Stephen Gilligan og Michael Yapko.

I am also a Laughter Yoga Coach 🙂

Tapping has been around for many years

The first EFT manual was published on the Internet in 1995.

I have been working with tapping for the last 15 years.

Tapping rocks.